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You Cant Yoos Yor Disubte As An Exus

2272This fine chap is Duncan. He is dyslexic and had a story to tell about what his parents said to him one day, regarding his struggles during his time at university.

“I want to write it the way I write it, and not correct it,” he told me firmly. So that’s what he did.

Of his SOTM, Duncan says in his audio clip: “My mum told me this phrase a few years ago, when I was in high school.

”Throughout school she fought for me to stay in a mainstream school and not go to a special needs school.

”I was able to pass school and I knew I’d be able to make it to a higher learning institution like NMMU. It was a dream to come here.

”At the end of the day, just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can sit on a couch and pretend like you’re not supposed to do anything. No-one’s going to give it to you. No-one’s going to make that difference unless you stand up and ask for it, or make someone know that it’s there.”

Taken at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa on the SOTM World Tour.

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