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2271“A teacher told me this,” Joanna says in her audio commentary. “She was quite young, I think she was still a student at the time.

”She used to teach us History and English. We used to like her a lot. I remember once, I was 11 or 12, she’d asked me to read something aloud in class.

”After I’d finished she told me this. At that moment I felt so pleased because she was an announcer herself on TV, part time, and we all used to admire her. I still remember how good it felt at the time.

”I didn’t go on to be an announcer. I went on to be a teacher instead. But when I remember this, I think how important it is that you find something nice in your students, something positive, and tell it to them. Because it gives them motivation, makes them feel good about themselves.”

Taken in Tarxien, Malta on the SOTM World Tour.

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