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23% Of Sexually Active Teenage Girls Have Felt Pressurised Into Having Sex!

594This is the lovely Laura Whitmore, presenter for MTV Europe, posing for SOTM as part of the MTV Staying Alive campaign.

She explained: "We all have a choice. But it’s hard growing up surrounded by people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. I was surprised when someone once told me almost a quarter of sexually active teenage girls felt they have been pressurised into having sex.

"We girls have it tough - trying to fit in, look the right way, say the right thing - but none of that is as important as being happy in yourself. I was lucky growing up as I was surrounded by good friends and was always self-assured in my own decisions.

"At the end of the day no matter what people around you say, it’s your life and your choice. So whatever you decide, make sure it’s your decision."

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"To the point though, I'm sure there are an equal proportion of boys who feel pressured into having sex, I'm just not sure they're as likely to react with a hint of reluctance (impatience, maybe)."


"Most people say pressurised? Man, wherever you live, move to an area where they have schools. Public, private, doesn't matter, just somewhere where people have an IQ over room temperature. It's not "


"To me this smacks of campaigning, and it doesn't seem in the spirit of the project somehow. "


"pressurised is what most people say, although not grammatically correct, that is what someone once told her, therefore it would be incorrect for her to change it!"


"Does she mean ''pressurised'' or ''pressured''??? ''Pressurised just gives me the image of inflating teenage girls with one of those oxygen tanks you see at the fun fair for inflating balloo"

Grammar Nazi

"I'm quite sure you mean "pressured", not "pressurized""

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