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It's Like Sunbathing In A Raincoat

593This is Emma Berry, who wrote: "I work for The Body Shop and we're currently running a great campaign with MTV to promote safe sex. It's primarily aimed at young people (those aged 15-24 account for 45 percent of all new infections) and the loud and clear message is 'Yes to safe sex!'.

"We were chatting at work recently about young people's attitudes to condoms and it reminded me of this comment a boyfriend once made to me - clearly he wasn't that pleased on my insistence that he had to wear a condom! Whatever his feelings on the subject the fact of the matter is that unless you're 100 percent certain about someone's sexual history, condoms are a must.

All funds raised for the campaign go to The Staying Alive Foundation who work with young people in areas of need to help them spread the safe sex message among their piers."

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