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1149Pegah Rashti sent this in from Brooklyn, New York, USA. She wrote: “My mom said this to me this morning while I was stressing about finding a paying job and a place to live. I recently bought my one way ticket from California to New York City, found an unpaid internship and live with a cousin in Brooklyn.

“I know I have to move out soon and find a second job, so I was starting to doubt my ability to survive in this city- but her words kept me motivated and to never give up. It's weird, more people believe in me than I do in myself...”

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"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream. Very proud of you :)"


"Thank you!! After a month in New York I found a full time job & an appt! I feel very lucky :) "


"=) very nice! congratulations for confronting the fear!!!"

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