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Taken by the photographer Logophobia in Berlin. She didn't supply an explanation for the story behind this particular quote - but really, does it need one?

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I L*** Y** B** Y** S**** L*** S***
Never Surrender Your Dreams!
I'm Sorry I'm Not Enough To Make You Happy
Speak Only The Truth About What You Have Seen And Done & Try Not To Get Rude To Those That Haven't But Don't Believe You
Flirting Is A Promise Of Sexual Intercourse Without The Guarantee
D** D* B***** K** F** I*** V*** A***!

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Having run SOTM mainly from London since September 2006, Mario travelled the world between June 2013 and May 2014 to capture people's stories.

Click below to read about his adventures involving Korean schoolgirls, cemetery dwellers in Manila, people from South African townships and many others.

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