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She was told this by her father, who sadly passed away a while ago. “His message was that when things get hard, just believe that it will all be ok,” she says in her audio clip. Taken at the offices of Consolidated PR in Covent Garden, London, UK.

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It Doesn't Matter How Well You Do, As Long As You Try Your Best
Change Is Inevitable, Except From Vending Machines
Whatever You Do, Never Get a Tattoo Or Ride A Motorbike
Don't Be Shy
Always Wear Matching Underwear In Case You Get Hit By A Bus
You've Got Nice Eyes... Shame About The Setting...

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Having run SOTM mainly from London since September 2006, Mario travelled the world between June 2013 and May 2014 to capture people's stories.

Click below to read about his adventures involving Korean schoolgirls, cemetery dwellers in Manila, people from South African townships and many others.

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