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“Eighteen years ago I was suffering from severe post-natal depression and jumped off the top of a multi-story car park to try and kill myself,” she says in her audio commentary. “Not only did I not succeed, I managed to completely crush my legs and my back, and as an ex-dancer it was a pretty hard thing to swallow.”

She goes on to explain that, after spending a couple of weeks in intensive care, the first thing a surgeon said to her was this SOTM. “I believed him for about three years until I decided one day that I was going to walk again.

"The last 18 years have been me pulling myself back together and getting myself back on my feet again.” Taken at the Cybher 2012 conference in central London for which our subject was the main organiser.

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Having run SOTM mainly from London since September 2006, Mario travelled the world between June 2013 and May 2014 to capture people's stories.

Click below to read about his adventures involving Korean schoolgirls, cemetery dwellers in Manila, people from South African townships and many others.

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