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Foreign Language Friday: "A complete stranger can become a true friend, family and someone you can rely on!" is what Mary Louise's French SOTM says. It's another in the series of Refugee Week images on SOTM.

Mary, from the Congo, said: "When I came to the U.K, I felt very lonely and isolated but soon I met people like Farida and Celine through Refugee Council. They are always busy thinking about helping others and finding the opportunities for new comers and to distract them from the stress of homelessness and isolation.

"Both of them are so compassionate, determined, sympathetic and punctual. Refugee Council organises trips, outings, gardeining, English classes and basic medical trainings etc. I am really grateful for the welcome, kindness and assisstance, I receive at the Refugee Council.

When I look back at my life and I realise that few months ago I did not even know these people, but today they are a very big part of my life and I would not exchange them for anything."

Taken in Hounslow, London by Farida Stanikzai of the British Refugee Council for Refugee Week.

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