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2394“So we’re in a little bar in Portland, Washington in the States, and we’re with a friend of a friend,” says Shaz in his audio clip.

”We’re having a few drinks, having a laugh, exchanging a few stories. We’re talking about China, about population control, issues, things like that.

”So this guy tells a story of when he was going out with the Chinese daughter of quite a powerful businessman. They’d been going together for a little bit of time, she was supposed to be gorgeous.

”But she was going off with her friends to these restaurants. He wasn’t getting involved, and he was wondering what was going on there.

”After a little bit of time he asked if he could go to. His girlfriend said it wasn’t suitable for him, because some of the food wasn’t very Western. He’s picking her brains, he’s trying to find out more.

”It turned out they liked to eat foetuses, human foetuses, because they thought it kept you young.

”So he broke up with her.”

Taken on Koh Chang, Thailand, during the SOTM World Tour.

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