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018This is my Muvver. She heard this from her first mother-in-law, who was speaking about her own son - my mum's first husband, towards the end of their marriage. Taken in Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK and her youngest granddaughter Ellie wanted to be in the shot.

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"Hi Ellie - it's lovely to speak to a fellow pianist! I remember doing my Grade 3 - it's a bit hard, so you must be very good! Would like to meet you too - maybe we could play a duet one day! Kat x"


""Hi i would just like to say, thankyou for your coment this is Eleanor, Mario's Niece,Oh and Kat i would just like to tell you I am now working towards a Grade 3 in Piano and i would like to meet yo"


"Ah, the famous Mrs. C!! Still waiting to go round and play her piano!!"


"Got to say that comment is actually quite ambiguous! Look again..."

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