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You're The Strongest Person I Know. And I Love You. Even If You Don't Love Yourself.

772Courtney Clements sent this in from Lynchburg, VA - United States. She wrote: “I am in my third year of college and am going through so many changes. This includes being away from home for long periods of time, break ups, and growing up.

"My best guy friend said this to me in a text while I was upset. He says things like this to me all the time to remind me that my insecurities are fruitless, but this one I have kept for months locked in my inbox. He'll never know, but it motivates me every day.”

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Courtney C.

"Thanks so much for your thoughts! He's just a friend, but a pretty awesome one. He also has the sweetest girlfriend in the world!"


"Well of course he'll never know, if you never tell him, silly. This was great and thank you for sharing. But I must say, that sounds like a boy worth snagging and keeping. :)"

Zach Olt

"I wonder if he has a girlfriend. If he doesn't, he's probably in love with her. He might even be in love with her even in he does have a girlfriend."

Mia Smart

"Thats beautiful! I love ace friends who say stuff like this :) You've got one ace mate there! x"

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