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2566“So last year I lived with a girl that I met on Craigslist and she was a very interesting person,” Katie explains in her audio clip.

”One day I came home and she came home after me. She’s clearly been drinking a lot, she was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing and started running around our room, throwing things on the floor.

”So I calmed her down and hugged her and kept telling her ‘You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.’ When she was calm enough to speak, she said this.

”I’ve always remembered that because she knew, she was so sure she was going to be absolutely fine but because sometimes the world still sucked and is still such a hard place to be a human, that she thought she still needed – and I think it’s true that everybody sometimes needs to cry and drink and smash things, like she was doing.”

Taken in Los Angeles, USA during the SOTM World Tour.

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