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But We're Going Uphill Jess - Of Course We're Heading North

008"It's not an overly powerful story I'm afraid - just something I think of fondly, that reminds me of a certain time of life, and makes me laugh," Jessie explains.

"It was Adam, a high school friend and my first boyfriend, who said it. When we were 17 and first were able to drive, we would go on long trips at the weekend through the Peak District in the UK where we were living.

"My little Fiat Seicento would always struggle to get up the steep mountain roads, and one time, as it was chugging along painfully, we were debating the route - I was sure we were heading south, and he thought we were heading north.

"As back up for his point of view, (in a playful debate, not a fight, i'd like to add!) he came out with the line of my SOTM! (which of course, is very silly, as you can very much be driving up a hill but be heading south!)

"A long, thoughtful silence ensued until we both burst out laughing!! He also realised how silly what he'd just said was!

"In all following trips, Adam was fondly teased by all our friends about this, and references to it are mockingly used in navigation debates amongst that old group of friends to this day!

"(Adam is also one of the ppl who commented on the SOTM at the time, acknowledging his involvement!)"

Taken in McLeod Ganj, India, in icy rain, as Buddhist monks, Tibetans, Indians, dogs, cars and auto-rickshaws chugged up the hill behind her.

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"Jess, I'll meet you at the top of the hill, and you'll make the rain stop falling :). I love you xx"


"still telling you its true... miss you... "


"But did she manage 200km in the opposite direction? I love you, come home!xxx"

Laura Doree

"it seems like such a simple theory that i really want it to be true!"

Laura Holden

"A bit like waiting in the traffic at home Jess? Miss you lots xx"


"I really hope it wasnt me that said that."


"Dont tell her but I love this girl."

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