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You Will Never Ever Learn How To Drive!

1070 Psychedelic Tuna submitted this from her home, in Daly City, CA, US via the SOTM Flickr group. She wrote: My driving instructor more than once told me that 12 years ago. And up to this day I still get piss off that I just took it like the idiot she thought I was.

I was 19 when we came to the US and the first thing I had to learn was drive. I never drove before so naturally, I had a difficult time which she made even harder by getting irritated, frustrated and impatient with me. She would yell at me to pay attention. I never said a word and kept my mouth shut, when deep inside I was seething mad.

You see, in my culture we were strictly brought up to respect the elders no matter what. And she knew that very well, so she treated me the way she did. To spite her, I would deliberately step on the gas or the break, and sometimes I'd even take up lanes. Let's just say I did a lot of things to really make her scream at me. And I enjoyed it immensely.

The day of the driving test came and we were already at the parking lot when she turned and barked at me, 'I can't take you, you are not ready, you might just crash my car and you will not pass anyway. You will never ever learn how to drive!'

A few weeks later, a young man that worked with my Mom offered to give me free driving lessons. I passed the driving test on the first attempt and got my license that easy. As for the young man, we are no longer friends. He assumed I'd become his girlfriend just because he taught me how to drive.

I never saw or heard of that instructor again. And I now speak my mind and no longer take shit from people.

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