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2136This is the singer Sevdaliza, who is Iranian and based in Holland. She explains in her audio clip that: ďIíve been travelling around the world for two years and Iím really interested in perspectives from people, because I believe that what we get through the media is not always true.

ďMy last trip was to Iran and I was talking with the husband of my aunt. We were talking about the revolution and the situation in Iran right now, and he said thereís a lot of negative propaganda about Iran.

ĒThe thing that really stuck with me was when I said in the West we think thereís a big group of people that want to be free, they want the time of the Shah back, because itís like thereís a dictator. The thing that really stuck with me is when he said this phrase to me.

ĒI asked him why and he said ĎOur life is perfectly fine, our government is pretty good for us, they provide for us, they take care of us, itís not bad. I got a whole new perspective of the other side.

"We think we always know what other countries should do, and the Western way is the right way, but I donít think that itís always like that. People get used to situations and they find their happiness in that situation. That quote was really mindblowing.Ē

Sevdalizaís website can be found here. Taken in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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