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You Don't Have To Be Rich To Be Happy

794Frederica sent this wonderful effort in from the Netherlands. She said: “One day me my friend and her mom went to the beach. While we were walking through the fancy neighbourhood her mom told a story about when she was young, and she and my friend's father were walking in the same neighbourood.

"He was talking to her about how he would buy them a home there if he would be rich but she stopped him and said: 'what are you complaining about? we're happy as we are' i don't know this story just inspired me and i love this site so i thought, why not give it a try, right?

"ps i didn't know if i could send in 2, if that's not okay i can edit it if the picture is good enough, ofcourse”

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"A lesson that's hard to remember as it is important.... "


"Lots of wisdom in those words..."

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