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It Don't Get Good Till We Get There

2070This is the excellent Dick McCulley, who is pictured in the back garden of his home in Reading, Massachusetts, USA. Of his SOTM, he wrote: "One year on a houseboat vacation with three of my friends, we moored for the evening at Gananoque, Ontario (a small town on the St. Lawrence Seaway).

"After spending a quiet evening at a local bar we returned to the houseboat. As we got to the marina we met up with two men and a woman who had just tied up a small boat and were highly inebriated and holding each other up. The following conversation took place:

Drunk Man (DM): "Hey, you guys from Gan?"

Me: "No, we just stopped in here for the night."

DM: "Hey, that Gananoque, that's some swingin' place, hey?"

Me: "No, it was pretty quiet."

DM: "Ah, but you gotta go to the Gananoque Inn, that's some swingin' place, hey?"

Me: "We just left the Gananoque Inn and it was pretty quiet."

DM: "Oh, but it don't get good till we get there."

Dick says the gentleman he was speaking to pronounced the last word as "dare", which only adds to the story, I think :-)

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Peter Ziavras

"Hey Dick, Is that you? You and I worked at Stop and Shop on the Lynnway many years from now. You also worked with my sister Kathy. If this is really you, just email me a short note. Kathy was home a few weeks back and we reminisced about the old days and of course your name came up. Look forward to hearing from you. Greek"

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