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1430Tiana submitted this from Richmond Hill, Georgia, USA. She wrote: “My best friend's grandfather James told me that ‘in order to have a long and happy life you gotta stay young for as long as you can.’

“That was the first time I had ever met him, I went with my friend to visit him in the nursing where he lived with his wife, who was dying from complications due to Alzheimer's. Sadly, she died three weeks later.

“Only two months after his wife's death Mr. James died due to complications from his diabetes (and I believe a broken heart). He died almost four months after he gave me a lesson in life that I will never forget. Even though I had only met him once in my life, the words he said to me really hit a place in my heart.

“I will never forget you , Mr. James, or your inspiring words of wisdom. RIP”

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