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756Michael Rasmussen submitted this brilliant SOTM contribution. He wrote: “My photo is attached in fully desaturated color and full resolution from the camera. Here's the story, from 1976: At 19 I was told I had Hodgkin's Disease - a cancer of the lymph system.

"My oncologist told me 'we know we can cure this becasue poeple we treated five years ago are still alive.' Even so he put my suvival chance at 60%. Back at college I was telling a friend about how 'of all the cancers to get, at least I got a curable one.' Rollie replied 'You'll be OK. The Universe is Basically Benevolent.' He was right on both counts.

"The photo was taken at the 2009 Oregon Star Party. OSP is an annual event where 600 to 800 amateur astronomers gather in the high desert of central Oregon, northwest United States, for a few days of observing deep space under dark skies. It's a great place to contemplate the Universe.

"My website is here and my blog is here." Michael is the very first person to ever submit a SOTM video commentary so please do check it out.

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"Hmm, this is one of my favorite quotes I've read on here so far! Glad to hear everything worked out."

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