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2428“When I was in high school I was very unpopular,” explains Timmy in his audio clip.

”I didn’t have a lot of friends because I did weird things like drama and hung out with all of those nerds. But my senior year I gave all that up, and actually became quite popular.

”In the spring I somehow found myself nominated for prom court. This was a big deal for me, because it was recognition of the fact that I might be popular.

”So I campaigned very, very hard to win prom king. The evening of prom I go with my girlfriend and a group of friends. We have a great time. When the time comes to announce prom king and queen, my name is not called for prom king.

”I’m a little bummed out but I don’t let it bother me that much. The next school day I walk into my math class, and my math teacher was head of the prom committee. She asked if I had a good time.

”I said I did but I was a bit disappointed not to win prom king. She said: ‘Oh, I know, it’s such a shame,’ before telling me this. That struck me so hard that I came so close to getting something I wanted.

”I thought about it all day long and when I got out of school, I met my girlfriend this. This look of horror comes over her face. She had forgotten to vote. My girlfriend in high school was the reason I didn’t win prom king.”

Taken in Baltimore, USA during the SOTM World Tour.

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Tom @ Waegook Tom

"Meh, if he gave up his friends and thinks drama is 'weird', then I'm kinda glad he didn't win prom king. Hopefully he learned that popularity isn't everything."


"LOL. Oh.. i wouldn't want the guilt of that on my shoulders, i tell ya! :P "

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