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2550“I went to Cambodia and I’d wanted to go for so long,” explains Chelsea in her audio commentary.

”I’d always seen photos of Angkor Wat and everything and I’ve never really seen it. So finally I made it my mission, I’m 23 years old, I decided I needed to see this world.

”I went to Thailand for three months, finally decided to go to Cambodia and see my Angkor Wat. We went to a little market, there were lots of children trying to sell me things and one little girl asked if I wanted to see a scarf.

”I said no, it was fine, and then she literally stopped me and told me this. That was the cherry on top of my whole travelling experience. Now any part of my travel I’m like ‘I have to do this, because if I never see it I’ll never know.”

”That to me is unbelievable. I love it.”

Taken in Koh Chang, Thailand, during the SOTM World Tour.

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