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2580“This was told to me about two years ago by an artist I happened to work with,” says Giselle in her audio commentary.

”At this point in my life I was juggling two lives. I was working at HSBC, extremely unhappy, but too afraid to quit because I wanted to be an obedient daughter. Security, stability, all the usual reasons.

”Obviously what I was passionate about was working in the arts and culture. I was working in that area to a degree but couldn’t spread my wings because I was juggling two worlds.

”The artist was a very passionate person and told me this. And so although it didn’t happen overnight, within that same year I quit my job, followed my passion. I no longer drag myself out of bed, I wake up excited to face the day.

”I feel so much more authentic and whole. Being able to make that one decision has led to me having the courage to make other decisions that I’ve always been so afraid to take. It’s been a line that I’ve used as well when I’m trying to inspire people who I see are unhappy with their lives.

”It’s something I’ll never forget, and something that I like to share.”

Taken in Manila, Philippines during the SOTM World Tour.

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