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You Don't Have To Run Faster Than The Bear... You Just Have To Run Faster Than Your Brother!!!

601Sent in by Tim Difford, who wrote: "A friend of mine had a seemingly endless supply of great lines... he seemed to have one for all situations and used this one when a project was running late and everyone was desperately trying not to be the one too prevent it going live.

"It basically means, it's a team effort, it's not all on your shoulders... and if someone else is running later than you... let them take the flak! Ha! My friend's not around any more and I miss him. This picture was taken at home in Huddersfield when I should have been at the Social Media Club at The Northern in Manchester."

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"Wise words indeed. Though you'd need to hope that the bear doesn't enjoy the chase more than the kill and go after the fast guy instead. Just for the fun of it, like."

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