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599This SOTM comes from Jemima's doula, which is "kind of like a private midwife, only very much a cheaper version". Our subject was told this when she was going into labour with her daughter, and called her doula who calmly dispensed this advice.

Taken at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London. See her video commentary for more on her story.

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Tzipi Sutin

"Lovely quote! That definition of Doula though... Not at all like a cheap midwife. Doula's aren't medically trained. They offer comfort in labor and emotional support, they don't deliver the baby or advocate for the mom or any of that..."

Elizabeth Varley

"This is a great shot J, love that you're at the Hosp with that fab wallpaper."

Tessy Britton

"Beautiful picture Jemima. I love the advice too - I am not sure how I would have coped with the level of calm (12 hours!!). "

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