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Bad Government Doesn't Mean Bad People

416Submitted by Paula Dear, who wrote: “This was taken in Palmyra, Syria - desert oasis and site of a spectacular ruined Roman city. I was told this by a taxi driver there - he meant the statement to refer to Syria and to the UK.

"On Syria's part it turned out to be a massive understatement. The people there were among the friendliest and most generous I have ever met.”

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"... and, based on what I said previously, one might say: "but the USA had a bad government for the last 8 years". That's true, but it has changed dramatically, hasn't it? What about the middle eas"


"It's true you can't generalize, but we have to agree that bad government means that a significant part of the population is, at least, sympathized with it, which is a bad sign."


"yes it does."


"It's a just great look"


"I have always tried to remind people that they can't generalize all people based on nationality, color or creed. All are individual and shoud be treated as such"


"the photo moves me and i wish to meet people from Turkey"

Charles Dupre

"You need to go to Turkey. The people there are also extremely friendly. "


"this photo really moved me"

Razia Ahamed

"I absolutely agree - I've travelled all over the Middle East and Syria has the most genuinely hospitable people I've met!"

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