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The World Doesn't Need Another Writer And Won't Miss You If You Aren't Successful

904The chap with the great face is Michael Ritchie, who sent this in from Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom. He wrote: “I studied Creative Writing at university and the screenwriting lecturer told the whole class this in our first year.

"I guess it's hardly encouraging to hear, but I think it was better than letting us all kid ourselves that we were all going to be the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling. It's not disheartened me at all, in fact, it's made me even more keen to make a name for myself in the book world and leave my mark on the world.

"Everyone has something important to say and everyone has one good book in them. Except Dan Brown.”

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"Hi, I'm the guy in this photo. I'd completely forgotten I did this! Thank you so much for featuring me on your amazing website! =)"


"Didn't that class cover comma splices?"


"My current CW had Mr. Brown one year and shared this same story with me. I must say he is the most brilliant writer I know, and this quot inspired him to teach otherwise ♥"

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