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I Wouldn't Do It, But You Do Stuff Like This All The Time!

1174This is the very talented artist Nicola Read, who I once interviewed long ago. We recently got back in touch via the magic of twitter, and she kindly submitted her own SOTM. She wrote: “I wouldnt do it, but you do stuff like this all the time! I wanted my passion for painting to become my career.

"At 1 oclock on a Friday lunchtime I was offered the chance of redundancy from a well paid (in my comfort zone) job as a PA. But there was a catch. I had to decide straight away and leave that same day at 5pm, as the redundancy money was being removed from the departmental budget that day. I had a mortgage and a car to run and a lifestyle which I liked.

“My job was top of its sector and I had only just begun on my artistic journey. I spoke to my boyfriend about the pros and cons and asked for any advice he could offer. He said: I wouldnt do it, but you do stuff like this all the time! He explained that I was ballsy and if something in my life needed to change, then I would change it, and that I never settled for less. He admired that in me.

“I took the redundancy and 9 years later my paintings sell internationally, I have been represented by the UKs largest fine art agency who made limited edition prints of my work and sold them alongside Rolf Harris and the late Govinder Nazran. I am also a Reiki Master and am just publishing my first childrens book. I am (happily) still with the same man and we have a 6 year old boy. Life is great.

“The photo was taken in my art studio in my home in Derby (England). The painting behind me: Yin- part of a pair Yin and Yang. From the Penguin Mandala Collection.”

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