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227This SOTM was taken by Garth McKay. He wrote: "Lt. Mel, Gulf War & Iraq War Veteran, Eugene, Oregon.

"It was obvious that Mel has paid a high price for something too many of us take for granted. His face was remarkable with deep blue eyes that had perhaps seen much more than they were ever meant to. His fingers stained and cracked from cigarettes burnt to the filter.

"The shot was taken in Monroe Park in Eugene, and the flag seen in this picture was attached to a bike with a large cart overflowing with what looked like all his possessions. Obviously Mel was homeless and a bit wary of the whole proceedings."

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"that is beautiful. Real art."


"This shot is so moving. Amazing."


"Terrific shot! You've really captured a part of this guys soul through those eyes."


"Fantastic - the intensity of the shot created by the closeness and the expression on his face makes this really powerful. Love it. "


"Wow. Awesome photo."

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