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I Really Like Your Stumps

621He was out one night in a hotel in Shepherd's Bush, London, with some friends, when they ended up drinking with a "well known celebrity and comedian" - our subject didn't want to reveal who. So, it was at one point during the evening that the celebrity turned to him and said this.

Our subject said it was all taken in good spirit and he actually found it rather funny, adding that: "No-one's ever said that to me before!" Taken in the doorway of Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in Soho, London. For more, see his video commentary.

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"Wonderful! That sounds like a great evening!"


"Having been in the privileged position of copping a feel of these legs, gotta say, I agree :)"


"This one made me cry"


"I would love to meet this guy. He seems like he has a really great sense of humor and is a really strong person. Many people would get offended at that but he decided to share it!"


"Thats awesome. It takes a brave man to comment on something like that, you just don't know how a person will react. It takes a braver man to accept the joke!"

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