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You'll Never Grow If You Don't Eat Your Vegetables

590Sent in by Ruthie, who wrote: "I have been stuck at four feet and ten inches tall for the last four years. I am seventeen. I was on a trip out of country for the first time. With some classmates and a well-traveled government teacher, I headed to Italy, first stop Venice.

"It was our second night, and I had spent most of the day with two people over five foot five inches and another well over six feet. At dinner, I naturally sat with this group of people. I left some green beans on my plate and the waiter that picked up my plate told me this.

"I didn't hear it at first, but the six foot tall friend said it again for me. I simply smiled as the table started to laugh at me. For some reason, I have a feeling even vegetables wouldn't have helped. (Also...I'm not a very photogenic person, so I found a little stuffed bear to take my place.)"

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"I am 21 years old & am 4ft 10 as well. . .I was told everything that would stunt my growth but nothing that would help me grow. =D"

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