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To Be Fair, I'm Not Recyclable

164She was told this by her friend, who was stood next to a bin at the time, while they were on a night out. Taken in the middle of the busy Champs Elysees in Paris, France, with a slow shutter that yielded only one or two useable images – but this one came out well enough.

corner corner corner corner



"foto perfecta!"


"Brilliant picture! "


"amazing photo!! .. brings out the rapidity of city life in France xD "


"Awesome photo. One of my favs!"


"awesome, i've been wanting to shoot a model on a busy street like this, but i'm too scared. Model and I could be run over or arrested."

mick rafferty

"last week I was watching workmen removing these illuminations from the trees, and to be fair, with that traffic you might need to be replaceable!"

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