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You Laugh Too Loud

588This rather lovely American, new to the UK, has been told a fair few times that she laughs too loudly – the last occasion being while she was at a restaurant and apparently causing her friends embarrassment. Taken in Bermondsey, London, at the offices of Cow PR.

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"I think your laugh is good, great, wonderful, stupendous, and fantastic."


"I feel your pain, sister. I get told that all the time. They are just jealous that they aren't as happy as we are!"


"I love this photo! I hear the same thing almost every day! It's come to be one of my favorite personality traits"


"If you can't laugh like you mean it, with all your heart, don't bother laughing."


"people are always hushing me when I laugh. My closest friends love me for it"


"I realy like a girl with a loud and filthy laugh, next time your friends get embarased call me I would delight in taking you out for a meal"

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