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Men Don't Like Women With Short Hair

586Mariana de Buen sent in this super shot of herself. She said: "I was born in Mexico City and have lived there most of my life, but at the moment I'm living in Madrid, Spain.

"The picture was taken in my flat. My grandmother said this to me about 9 years ago, when my hair was really short. At the time it seemed like a personal attack, as everything does when you're a teenager.

"But now I look back on it fondly because it reminds me of how my grandma was never afraid to be herself or speak her mind. And just in case, I wear my hair long nowadays."

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"esto me recuerda algo que comunmente escucho decir a mi hermano "esta bonita, pero tiene el cabello muy corto"... sera porque soy de mexico?"


"Not true. I much prefer short dark hair. Especially a neat sculpted bob. "


""women with very short hair look like they have mental problems""

Michael R

"No, they don't. They love them."


"I have to COMPLETELY disagree with this one...I love a girl with short hair; if she rocks it right, of course"


"I have had short hair for, well, a long, long time and I have had no lack of male attention =)"


"i'm totally agree on this one!"


"I'm sure you're just as brilliant with short hair."

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