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Thanks For Making Me Chuckle

555Sent in via the SOTM Flickr page by Jim Lamb, who explained his quote isn't something he was told verbally. “Actually, they wrote me a note. During my last mission trip (down to Austin last summer) we filled out ‘care cards’ to let others in the group know how much we care for them.

"I kept all my cards and refer to them from time to time when I need a boost. One of the cards, from one of the graduating seniors of the youth group said, ‘Jim, I've finally stopped calling you Mr. Lamb. I no longer think of you as my adult leader, but a friend who I can chat with and have fun with. It's never awkward and you always have a story or a laugh to share.

"Thanks for making me chuckle! God bless’. How cool is that? I'm getting a little verklempt here. Talk amongst yourselves.” Jim also said he took the picture "in my kitchen, here in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA".

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