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I Am Strong

1163 Elise Emanuel-Moore submitted this from Omaha, Nebraska, USA via the SOTM Flickr group. She wrote: “Someone Once Told Me...that I am strong.

“My husband has told me that I am strong at two very important moments of my life.

“First, before he was my husband, he told me that I was strong for leaving an abusive relationship. I had been in it for five years...just long enough to realize the abusive behavior wasn't going to change...and getting to know LTM gave me the push I needed to end it.

“Second, he told me I was strong while I was giving birth to our son. I don't clearly remember each and every detail of Porter's birth, but I remember LTM whispering those words into my ear before we heard our baby's first cry. Those three words and three more...I love you.”

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angel delapropia

"you are strong and cute!"

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