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I Am Still Proud Of You, Son

553This super and innovative image was sent in by Andy Dowley, who took it in Portsmouth, UK. He explained: “I set out on my dream of becoming a magician a couple of years back.

"After working tirelessly, and eventually being crushed by recession, i ended up penniless, jobless and defeated. My Dad said this to me which somehow rejuvinated me, although i'm still penniless and jobless!”

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"Really Pretty. Reassuring like, no matter what you do, atleast you know you've got your dad right (: And the way this photo was thought out is excellent in itself :)"


"verydope. impressive"


"amazing picture!!"

hannah mckenzie

"This is a beautiful photo. "




"Cheers for including me Mario, all the best. New camera next month!!"

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