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2531“So 15 years ago I was having lunch with my manager who had just resigned,” says Karen in her audio clip.

”She was going to do something else and was very excited. The conversation turned around to dreams. For the 20th time I told her my dream was to go and do my masters in London and study there. I was living in Malta at the time, I’m Maltese.

”My manager turned around and told me this. I sat there and gave her 101 reasons why not. And then something in my head went: ‘That’s rubbish. Those are excuses.’

”At that moment, I made my decision to leave Malta and go study in London. And I started shaking with excitement because I knew I’d made up my mind. Sure enough, six months later I had one big suitcase, a huge loan and I went to do my Masters in London.

“That was 14 years ago. I now have an amazing life and it all started from that question.”

Taken in London, UK.

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