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705Sent in by Chuck, from England, who wrote: “Said to me repeatidly by my younger sister each time it hurts more, i'd never realy thought of my self as fat but now i have a complex about it! I'm actually nearly in tears about it, uploading this picture is soo freeing! Like a weight has been lifted! thankyou SOTM.”

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Everyone with a brain thinks....

"You're gorgeous."


"Darlin your beautiful never let anyone tell you other wise. Your sister was wrong! @Daveface"


"You're not fat, but your grammar skills need some work."


"You are beautiful. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently. I would kill for your body."


"so NOT FAT! you are cute, girl."


"Oh please God, make me that "fat" again!"


"Chuck, you are so not fat. You look great. Many women should look this good. Don't let anyone make you feel bad because they have personal problems that make them want to make you feel bad so that th"


"... looks good on you. Don't let anybody tell you different."

EyeSpy Guy

"Fat? Not at all. You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us, It feels very personal. You look so vulnerable here."

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