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Don't Take Sweets From Strangers

158This was an image months in the making, the idea having been conceived some time before, but in London, hence the delay.

Marie-Claire is English but fluent in French and acted as translator for my interview with the creator of Asterix, Albert Uderzo. She was told this by her mother.

Taken close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

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Laura Arman


Jonathan Sheppard

"EWWW what is that..haha only joking theres my sister...nice photo dear....take care of yourself..and yes i still want to kill roya lol x"


"You're so pretty. Ne pars pas, je vais faire comment à SAGEM ???"


"La Tour Eiffel est encore plus belle ce matin!"


"Tu me manques, J'veux etre avec toi. Mon amour pour toi est éternel. thanks Mario"


"More than a poser... a model ! What an amazing souvenir from Paris ;-) Je kiffe !"


"Quel surprise! Deux etoiles ensemble!"

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