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You Look Like A Lion

493One of my favourite SOTMs, this is. Charlie said her step-brother told her this, when she was drying her hair upside down as a teenager, and that she liked all the connotations it held of strength and power.

She mentioned a few times the traditional difficulties teens have when growing up, and we traded serious acne stories. Happily she has turned out beautifully, and is married with a good job, so it is always a relief to find affirmation that life, however difficult, must be endured.

Seconds after this was taken two short, surly security guards tackled me in Trafalgar Square, London, and tried to stop me taking any pictures. It’s not a public place, apparently, but the shots were taken anyway.

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Charlie Kirby

"I'm intrigued that someone else was told this! Hope it was as uplifting for you as it was for me. C"


"With my thick, curly, strawberry-blonde hair, I have gotten this comment many times before as well, thanks to humidity and such."


"Heard about this one on Londonist in your interview with Jaz Cummins."

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