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2529“I tend to be very apprehensive about new endeavours,” Britnie says in her audio commentary.

”Most recently I’ve been very apprehensive about becoming a teacher in Washington DC. I have narcolepsy, which is a condition that does not allow my body to regulate sleep.

”I have medicines that treat my condition but it’s not perfect. I don’t want children to depend on me and then I’m not there for them. I want to teach but I’m very much afraid that I’ll fail at it.

”The other day I spoke to my mum about it, this neurological disorder holding me back from being a teacher. She then told me this.

”I don’t think it would have resonated with me as much if it wasn’t something my boyfriend didn’t already say to me. For them both to say this, it really rings clear. So I’m going to go for it and I’m going to apply to be a teacher in the upcoming school year.”

Taken in Baltimore, US during the SOTM World Tour.

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