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Well, I Guess That We'll Have To Get Used To It...

885Emilie Burelle from Beloeil, Quebec, Canada sent this SOTM in. She said: “Hi! Last June, I participated in an important fund raising event for youth cancer, here in Quebec. It is called the Shaved Head Challenge and is organized each year by an organism named Leucan.

"My boyfriend actually dared me to enter this event with him. I thought about it for a couple of days while stroking my nice long hair, then decided to give it a shot. In addition to being a very symbolic action in the eyes of young cancer patients, I liked the idea of standing up to our society s superficiality.

"Shaving my hair still wasn t an easy thing to do for me, and when I exposed my shiny skull in public, I needed all the encouragement I could get! This phrase has been said to me a couple of times since the event. I can t blame anyone, I m not used to my short hair even months after having it shaved! Still, I usually enjoy more positive opinions.

"The picture has been taken and arranged by my very talented friend named Ariane. Here is a link to my Leucan profile page, for more information on the organism.

"It is obvious that the picture was taken months after having my hair shaved! I would be very pleased to appear on your site. I love it and visit very often! If you need further information, please contact me! Thanks! Emilie, from Canada.”

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"Really like this photo!!"


"you're beautiful. long hair and short."


"HAHAHAHAHA. brilliant, bold, beautiful. "

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