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2253“Maybe two years ago in Montreal we had a lot of protests,” Thierry says in his audio commentary. Actually, he says “manifestations” a lot, but he later clarified that he meant protests.

“After being beaten up for the first days, we didn’t know what to do. We tried to find new ways, so people got naked. The police didn’t know how to manage this kind of situation. People in the street were chanting this phrase.

”That’s how we managed to find a way to defeat the government. And after 140 days of protests we won. We got our election, which is what we wanted and we got a new government. The new government isn’t that good, but we won our war. Even if we hadn’t, we would have won either way, because we got all the young people interested in politics.

Taken in Istanbul, Turkey on the SOTM World Tour. He was indeed naked for this photo - from the waist up.

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