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If You Don't Know What Do Wah Diddy Means Don't Mess With It

274This rather bonkers phrase was captured by Garth McKay. He wrote: "Frog. That's it. Just Frog. He's been a fixture on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, for some 22 years.

"Selling his hand made joke books for adults and kids and of course always telling good humored jokes to the parade of students passing by. A good heart this one. I asked him who told him what he had written.

"He beamed and with a twinkle in his eye, only said, 'Mr. Natural'. I knew better than to ask further. I suppose a man of his trade has his secrets."

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"This is so funny!! and so random..."

Mara Ventura

"I've been passing Frog for four years now, and he's always ridiculous. I love it!"

John Drake

"What's with all the more-Bezerkeley-than-thou Eugenians on this site?"

Jennifer Mann

"Mr. Natural is a comic book character created in the 1960's by R. Crumb. He's a nudist."


"I think this is my favorite so far, not only the SOTM but the photo of a man and his chicken is priceless!"

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