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2525“So when I was in Brazil like a year ago a bartender that I met there was telling me the story of how he got there,” Justine says in her audio clip.

”He was an American guy, from California also. He was travelling around and I asked how he ended up living in this part of Brazil. He said he was a banker, making money, went on a vacation and realised when he was travelling that it wasn’t the life for him.

”He said he was thinking about his life as a book, and what the next story, the next chapter was going to be. Was he going to be in an office, or was he going to be living on a beach in Brazil?

”So he asked me this and said that was the way to think about your life. I thought it was awesome and how everyone should think of their life.”

Taken in Koh Chang, Thailand during the SOTM World Tour.

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