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All Young People Should Be Root Marched In The Country

883Scarlet sent this in from Salisbury, where she and some other young people have begun running an empty shop with the purpose of providing information on youth activities in the area.

She wrote: “Okay so this one actually has some relevance to The Unit: we were setting up christmas decorations a few weeks ago when a woman came in clearly with a chip on her shoulder, ranting at us about how we were 'inviting the drink and drugs culture through music' and how our 'club' was unnecessary, and 'all children should be route-marched in the country and not listen to pop-music'.

"We just want to wish her a happy christmas, and thank her for spurring us into making a decision to whether conflict training was really necessary.” Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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"Haha! Thanks for that Mario, The Unit is going strong despite the random visits (we also had a visit from someone whose business card said they were a space cadet!)"

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