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2585“This one felt like we were playing out a scene in a classic movie,” Carlie says in her audio clip.

”A guy I thought I’d missed my chance with surprised me at the airport in Brisbane, and said this to me.

”He actually turned up at the terminal really close to when I had to board the plane, but then a storm delayed the flight so we had a good 30 minutes together to have this big, deep and meaningful, and then a soppy, really romantic goodbye at the terminal gate, with lots of schoolkids looking on and giggling.

”When you’re in that moment you just don’t care, because you’re in this amazing bubble of ‘this is happening’.

”Ultimately we didn’t actually work out, and I’ve experienced some really nice romantic moments since, but this one stuck with me. I think it’s because I can say that at one point in my life I had this ultimate romantic movie moment.”

Taken at Oxford Circus, London, UK.

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