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759 Erin Marie Hall sent in this photo, taken in her bedroom in South Bend, Indiana, USA, via the SOTM Flickr group. She wrote: “Several people have said this over the past few years, from when I decided to go to Africa to when I left to go live in Nepal this summer to the most recent, and most meaningful.

"I don't know if these were my boyfriend's exact words, but we were sitting in Denny's and he basically said that some people just aren't cut out for creating change or influencing people on a large scale... but I am. It was the most encouraging thing I've ever heard. I ♥ him. Whee.

"P.S. I really hope this doesn't come off as arrogant or anything, I'm not trying to say I'm like amazing or anything, it was just really nice to hear someone say that I could do the things I've dreamed of. :) P.P.S. I tried the shot with pants on first, and the shot looked cluttered and uncomfortable. So I took them off. So... um... hope you don't mind.”

When she says pants, she means trousers of course.

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"I would also love to hear this someday. You don't sound conceited. Be excited. It's a tremendous compliment. Keep it up! God Bless!"


"I'd like for someone to tell me that someday..."

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