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I Think You Are Bear Tick Init

272The subject, clearly a young lady of excellent taste, wrote: “The photo is taken in Hampstead Heath and reads 'I think you are bear (which should be spelt 'bare' instead!) tick init', which was said to me by a random boy on the street when i was waiting for my friend the previous day. I thought it was pretty funny.

"Thanks a lot and the site is brilliant!”

Taken by a pupil at William Ellis School in north London.

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"Tick means hot :)"


"i have no idea what this means, but it obviously meant a lot to her. also the shot is very beautiful."

tom richards

""bear" means "very" in south london slang, and "innit" is a substitute for "aren't you", "doesn't it" etc. Tick... dunno, sorry, but she looks pretty tick to me! PS how do you know how it "

Mike from Canada

""Init" is one of those British slang words I just can't get my head around. I'm guessing it's short for "is it not", but whenever I hear it uttered on a TV programme, it doesn't seem to fit ri"

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