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2250“It was a phrase that was told to me, advice when I was starting out as a young adult, to do with relationships,” Jo says in her audio clip. “I guess it was a more important part of my emotional, sexual education than just the physical sexual education.

“I was talking intimately with a family member of mine, and we do tend to share a lot in terms of relationships and intimate details.

”I was warned, I guess, about the men that I would come across in my life. I was told to be wary of when you’re with somebody, and you sleep with them, and if they get up before the sweat’s dry and you’ve got your breath back, then you’re pretty much rest assured that’s where it begins and ends.

”The reason I remember is because it’s proven to be true, and I would probably tell it to my children, and my children’s children, and to anyone because I think it really is true. I guess it’s an extension of telling whether they love you by your kiss, but in a slightly more adult way.”

Taken in Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia on the SOTM World Tour.

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