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2521“This was said to me by my friend, we had just recently become acquainted at that time,” says Wendi in her audio clip.

”One day we were in a matrimonial law class. It was one of those days when it’s very nice outside, so you want to be anywhere but in class. We were talking about the different kind of relationships that there are.

”For some reason the lecturer started talking about concubines and how they existed in China. So we’re bored and suddenly my new friend just turned to me and said this.

”This was in the middle of class. I cracked up because it was the last thing I expected, especially to come out from someone like him. When I first knew him he was very proper, very serious. The type of guy a mum would love for a son-in-law.

”He also went on to say he kept his mother-in-law in a cage as well. After that, when I felt like he actually had a sense of humour, we became really good friends and we’ve been close ever since. This was about four years ago now.”

Taken in Hong Kong during the SOTM World Tour.

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