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Om Du Hade Slängt Ut TV:N? Hade Sverige Vunnit Då?

2336“A company I once worked for organised an event, and a speaker there gave all the employees a talk,” Stefan says in his audio clip (which is also partly in Swedish).

”The first question he asked was: ‘How many of you saw the ice hockey game between Sweden and Russia on TV?’ Everybody raised their hands.

”His second question was: ‘How many of you were angry when Russia won the game?’ Everybody raised their hands.

”His third question was: ‘How many of you were so angry that you would like to have thrown the TV out the window?’ Two or three guys raised their hands.

”Then he asked us: ‘If you had thrown out the TV, would Sweden have won?’ Everybody actually said no.

”Why I like the phrase, why I use the phrase, is that it showed me that if something happens and you can’t change it, so why even bother? It could be that you’ve been outdriven by a car, or someone pushes you in a queue.

“If you can’t change it, why put energy on it? It only takes power from yourself.”

Taken on Koh Lanta, Thailand during the SOTM World Tour.

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